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Petkit Eversweet Pet Travel Bottle 400ml – White


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The PETKIT EVERSWEET Travel One-Touch Pet Bottle is designed with the combination of a drinking trough and a water container in one bottle, to allow you to feed your pet using one hand only. With just one simple press, water will flow out smoothly from the bottle. For increased suitability to the nature of dogs, this bottle is equipped with an arc shaped water trough to allow your pets to drink water easily as they usually consume water by curling their tongues.

* Tight seal and safety lock features
* Portable purification system for outdoor activities by removing impurities and reduce chlorine from direct drinking tap or cooked boiled water
* Strong antibacterial effects with the use of BioCleanActâ„¢ as the main material due to its continuous inhibition of the bacteria growth in the open drinking trough.
* Arc trough design to fit drinking habits of dogs and cats, making it easier for them to drink
* Made from coconut peelings extraction which removes the unpleasant odors and chlorinate residues, absorbs foreign substance and improves the flavor
* One-touch leak proof button: Press the button on the left and water will come out. When button is on the right, it will be locked to prevent accidental leakage.

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