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HowlPot – Ramen Nose Work Toy


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Cute, engaging, and rewarding: This is the HOWLPOT Ramen Nose Work Toy.

Some call it ramen, some call it ramyeon. But no matter what you call it, it’s surely a crowd favourite!

Now, your pup can also enjoy it… with treats! Hide treats in this cute ramen toy for them to find. It helps curb boredom and stimulates their mind and senses.

For beginners, make it easy
* Start with placing noodles outside the cup
* Hide treats near the surface of the noodles
* Choose bigger or stronger-smelling treats
* Make it more rewarding at the start with more treats

Level up
*Expose part of noodles with treats hidden inside the cup
* Hide treats in the topping pockets

For sniff experts
* Hide treats deep into the noodles and stuff it all into the cup with the lid up
* Make it even harder by closing the lid with the round velcro patch

Benefits of nose work toys:
* Relieves stress and boredom
* Sharpens senses
* Improves self-confidence

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